The mission of is to produce intelligent and thoughtful radio, distributed using the very effective mechanisms which have been developed for podcasting.

This has been a very long time coming. I'm a lifelong radio listener, with a deep appreciation of the special role of radio among all forms of media.

I have developed a unique set of skills. I have a good education, some intelligence, the experience of 15 years in Asia, an excellent understanding of Internet technologies, solid programming skills, some media experience, some political experience, and lots of time working in theatre and live event production. Radio provides a way to bring all these elements together.

I am beginning this journey with a show modelled partly on Late Night Live with Philip Adams, an ABC Radio National show which has loomed large in my listening patterns for many years. Among Australian radio presenters, Philip Adams provides a rare level of intelligence, humanity, ethics and skill. I hope that I can bring some of that to my first show, Homo sapiens sapiens.

Before Homo sapiens sapiens is ready, there will be pilot shows and other tests distributed under the name Testing Une Deux.


Thanks for listening!

Geoff King